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An AJT horizontal testing machine

AJT has become more than just a supplier of force testing machines and force sensors.

Managing Director Ian Gordon joined AJT in 1985 as an apprentice, eventually becoming MD when his father Peter Gordon retired 12 years ago.

“Over the years, we have learned to meet the testing requirements of our customers around the world, in many industries, who seek to quantify, certify and develop products that often make the world a safer place. It is this knowledge inherently passed on, from the era of manufacturing and testing the Black Country chain, that puts us ahead of all other competitors in our field, ”he said.

AJT Equipment is one of the world’s leading suppliers of force testing machines and related equipment. Its wide range of machines are used to test materials as small as a single strand of wire, to giant cables designed to anchor oil rigs to the bottom of the sea; with its horizontal and vertical test benches capable of handling loads exceeding 2,000 tonnes. In addition to producing original equipment, AJT engineers maintain, repair, upgrade and calibrate all types of testing and weighing devices in accordance with national and international standards, both at its Black Country plant and at customer facilities around the world.

Since its establishment, the company has supplied test machines to customers in France, Angola, Malaysia, Equatorial Guinea, Bangladesh, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Belgium, USA, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Bahrain, Italy, Arab Emirates United, Canada, Zambia, Singapore, Brunei, Russia, Sweden, Tanzania, Sumatra, China, Vietnam, Argentina, Qatar, Jordan, Hungary, Portugal, Trinidad, Germany, Nigeria, Romania, Australia, Ghana, Ireland, Netherlands and across the UK. AJT’s own brand of Accuway load cells are also used by lifting professionals around the world and are renowned for their industry-leading precision.

In its 70 years, the tight-knit company has experienced its fair share of hardships caused by economic turmoil affecting the many industries it serves.

“2021 being AJT’s 70th year in business, we decided to look back briefly to see if we could understand how, as a family business, we have survived recessions, growth, decline, Brexit, Covid-19 and the general ups and downs that all SMEs face, ”said Gordon.

“It occurred to us that the knowledge we have gained in all aspects of the business has certainly been a major factor, but there is something else that turns the wheels; Optimism and determination have been huge factors over the years. Without them, hard times can seem overwhelming. Finding answers takes some time, but without optimism the tasks would be infinitely more difficult. The other key to finding solutions is having the right team in place. If the people of the company do not invest their qualities on a daily basis, then maintaining a business is that much more difficult. Fortunately, AJT has a great and dedicated team who share the optimism of the management! This is perhaps why AJT, at 70, is stronger than ever ”,

The company is proud to be a member of Made in the Midlands; a networking community that exists to advocate and promote manufacturing in the UK.

“We pride ourselves on our reliable reputation, personalized service, innovation and our ability to adapt to the constant development of new technologies,” said Mr. Gordon, “However, our success would not have been possible without the support of our reliable and long-term suppliers and partnerships ”.

To celebrate its milestone, AJT is offering a number of offers on its products and services throughout the month of June for new and existing customers.

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