CMO Interview: How Youfoodz Marketing Director Doubles His Growth

Growth through better customer loyalty is firmly in the sights of Youfoodz CMO, Simon Jarvis, and he’s doubling down on his CRM and data strategy to achieve it.

The chief marketing officer took over at the Australian ready-meals producer in March, on a mission to help the company double in size. Youfoodz is a Queensland-based company that operates two divisions: a direct-to-consumer home delivery business and a wholesale arm distributing meals and snacks to 3,500 retailers nationwide including Coles, Woolworths, IGA and gasoline and convenience outlets such as BP and 7-Onze.

Jarvis also grew up in Brisbane and spent 10 years in the agency space before becoming the Client Side Marketer. His resume includes IPG agency in London, Lowe, working in account services on brands such as Stella Artois, England Rugby, Saab, Vauxhall and Innocent Smoothies, as well as BMF, working with brands like Dairy Farmers and Dare. iced coffee.

Jarvis then spent six months at Telstra in the Marketing team before spending several years in Marketing Education and Training Services, which landed him the role of Managing Director of Marketing for Australis College for three years. . A brief stint with Ladbrokes led him to join TAB New Zealand as Head of Strategic Marketing, where he oversaw the transformation of the brand, the creation of an integrated marketing department and the improvement of customer insights and data capabilities. In just under three years, the team has won 13 national marketing awards after recording a 48% year-over-year increase in new customers, a 20% increase in retention and significant revenue growth. Jarvis himself was also named New Zealand Marketer of the Year 2018.

Having recently spent 10 months in New York as vice president of marketing for theScore, a sports betting app, to bring the brand to the New Jersey market, Jarvis said he wanted to return to Australia. And the first five months have been interesting and stimulating to face at the height of a pandemic.

“The whole prepared and ready-to-eat space is a challenging and exciting category, especially given this moment in time,” Jarvis said. Marketing director. Competitors range from meal kit players like Marley Spoon and HelloFresh, to traditional heavyweights, Lite N Easy, and a series of disruptive digital brands like My Muscle Chef and Freshly.

“The demand has really increased and increased during COVID-19. What I like about Youfoodz is that it was the first to market ready meals and that we are the real leader in fresh produce, which helps us to differentiate ourselves strongly from other traditional competitors. I like to take on challenges and work outside of my comfort zone. We have a great new pipeline where we try new dishes every week and innovate quickly.

The overall ambition of the company is to double in size and as Marketing Director Jarvis knows his role is to foster new customer acquisition, retain existing customers more effectively and maximize returns on marketing investment. .

The positioning of Youfoodz to pursue this ambition is a healthy diet with ease. “We fundamentally believe that all Australians deserve access to fresh and affordable ready meals and we try to make it as easy as possible to purchase our products,” said Jarvis.

Know the customer

Youfoodz’s traditional audience profile is skewed at 70 percent of women aged 25 and over who are single or living in a relationship. “Because our product is all about convenience, time saving, and healthy eating with ease, it tends to appeal to sinks and people commuting to work with less time to cook and prepare meals,” said he commented.

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The biggest opportunity for growth, Jarvis says, is with time-constrained top grocery buyers. He cited that 4.9 million of Australia’s 14.8 million top grocery buyers fall into this category. To conquer them is to mature the brand, while maintaining its integrity and its sense of energy and dynamism, he said.

“We want to stay true to our core brand identity but to attract more traditional Australia,” he said. A recent step forward in this vein has been an integrated sponsorship with a television program, The farmer wants a wife, who sees Natalie Gruzlewski as the face of the Youfoodz brand.

“The emphasis there is on the paddock to the plate and the fact that we support local producers and producers,” Jarvis said.

Data and information is another key element in finding growth. According to Jarvis, Youfoodz has a sophisticated understanding of in-game customers through weekly and monthly surveys of existing and new customers around key factors in choosing their offering, product and experience preferences, and more.

“We have more reviews than anyone, we’ve been voted Best Food Delivery Service on Product Review for three years and our scores stand at 4.5 out of 5,” Jarvis said. “And it’s about having a commitment to the end-to-end customer experience – from the first order and inbox experience to the first call with the customer service team and throughout the entire process. journey. We have a huge amount of existing customer data to help us do this. ”

But if the company has a strong track record of acquiring new customers, what it needs to do to improve is retention. This is the number one focus area for the next 12 months, and Jarvis is building the CRM capacity to do it, by appointing two new hires to help him. Their tasks include the development of the new customer onboarding journey, the reactivation and abandonment rounds, as well as other forms of retention programs.

“The main objective is to increase the frequency of orders and the average value of orders. This can be achieved through effective and creative CRM communications via email and SMS, ”Jarvis said.

“We want to get more customers who try our product to place order number two and repeat the order. Like most businesses, we see attrition rates after the first order. We want to increase the number we retain.

Impact of COVID-19

At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen Youfoodz working to build trust and credibility with its customers.

One initiative Jarvis reported early on was to support local produce supplier V One by selling boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables at the height of the nationwide shutdown. This helped a major supplier retain their workforce and also enabled Youfoodz to respond quickly to changing customer conditions. The company also launched a dollar-for-dollar donation campaign for Lifeline in July when its winter line was released.

“We’ve also changed the tone of some of our ads via COVID,” Jarvis said. “We have a pretty dynamic and energetic tone of voice and there’s a lot of movement. We realized that in times of crisis or when there is a lot of negative news, customers gravitate towards the brands they love and trust.

“There was a great need for us to show our customers that we were behind them. We therefore launched our “We Have You” campaign, which consisted of launching boxes of fruit and vegetables. It has been a great success and we continue to acquire new customers.

Youfoodz’s home delivery has also seen the ‘COVID honeymoon’ period and a COVID lockdown windfall. On the other hand, wholesaling through convenience stores fell as more people worked from home and cities emptied.

“Part of our business is good health, but the other side is not so much. So we’re trying to navigate, learn and pivot, ”Jarvis said.

Yet even as more competitors emerge to serve the market, Jarvis said Youfoodz is in a strong position given its scale, efficiency and distribution network. He reported next day delivery after ordering at 5pm in Brisbane and normally Melbourne, and 48 hour delivery to Sydney as USP.

As a business, Youfoodz is moving towards a BAU setup, but fluctuations in weekly traffic to the site following the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown in Melbourne and the ongoing crisis make it harder to navigate, Jarvis said.

“We operate on a weekly basis and have weekly targets for door-to-door delivery and wholesale, such as the number of orders we receive, the average value of customer orders, and net revenue targets. We almost sprint towards these goals every week, so we have to aim for more consistency over time, ”he said.

Regarding more sustainable consumer trends, he cited the market shift towards online shopping, which Youfoodz is watching with interest.

Meanwhile, Jarvis and the team are working on branding and asking the question: where do we get a successful Australian brand that is a market leader over the next 3-5 years?

“It will be a more mature YouFoodz that comes out of this process. And we will emphasize that integrity around health and vitality, ”Jarvis said. “We see this opportunity in the days of being a poor primary buyer of groceries and being a bit more mainstream while behaving like a challenger.

“That’s the fine line – to be a market leader who grew up with a challenger mindset.”

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