Leader in Marketing Automation, Blue Prism to Include Haptik and IN-D

Blue Prism®, a global leader in intelligent automation, announced the expansion of its Digital Exchange (DX) platform in India to help speed up customers digital transformation plans. The Blue Prism DX is an online marketplace that hosts the best pre-built artificial intelligence the skills, connectors and functions of Blue Prism and its Technology Alliance partners, which make it easier for users to access, import and accelerate their automation deployments in a more streamlined way.

Companies in India More and more people are looking to develop and integrate intelligent automation solutions to increase their productivity, agility and competitive advantage. However, building these capabilities can be cumbersome and resource intensive. In response, Blue Prism has built its DX platform to be a “one-stop-shop” that helps customers start deploying advanced capabilities in a simple and user-friendly way. It also includes a private market version for customers with stringent security requirements.

Through the Blue Prism DX platform, users can access over 500 intelligent automation solutions from over 100 active partners within India and around the world, including Haptik, IN-D, Intian Fintech, Epiance for Affiliates, Finacle for Premier and many more. Together, this online community provides users with a range of pre-built artificial intelligence capabilities that they can easily download and start using. These capabilities include, but are not limited to, computer vision, chatbot technology, natural language processing, machine learning modeling, and facial recognition.

“Adding new partners to our digital exchange platform in India means Blue Prism customers will have access to a truly global market for intelligent automation capabilities, which are essential to business digital transformation plans, ” said Peter Gartenberg, managing director and chairman of Blue prism India. “Our growing ecosystem of partners enables businesses in all industries – from financial services and insurance to telecommunications and manufacturing – to collaborate in secure and meaningful ways. “

CEO and co-founder of Haptik, Aakrit Vaish added, “Bringing Haptik’s conversational AI technology to BluePrism’s digital exchange will generate tremendous value for companies looking to operationalize their CX strategy and generate significant business returns. With the combined power of BluePrism and Haptik, businesses can automate repetitive and repeatable work while improving positive customer experiences and reducing operational costs. Our partnership with BluePrism enables Haptik to be part of a global digital workforce and expands our ability to power the world’s largest businesses with intelligent virtual assistants.

“We have found a great synergy between the cognitive engine of IN-D which includes documents and images and the ability of Blue Prism to automate and orchestrate processes. ” said Rahul chandra, commercial director of IN-D. “So customers across industries can now design their own fully automated processes as diverse as identity verification, including video KYC, revenue analytics, accounts payable, health claims automation and risk audits using IN-D solutions on BluePrism’s digital exchange. Through our partnership, we look forward to helping businesses create flexible, low-cost operations that facilitate agile delivery and remote working. “

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