ReTo Eco-Solutions Participates in Key Cultural Tourism and Ecological Restoration Project with Local Government in Guangling, Shanxi

BEIJING, June 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ReTo Eco-Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: RETO) (“ReTo” or the “Company”), a provider of technology solutions for improving green environments, today announced that the Company, through its owned subsidiary REIT Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., cooperated with the Guangling County government in the northwest Shanxi Province participate in a project called Cultural Tourism and Ecological Restoration of Shuishentang in Guangling County, Shanxi Province (the Project “). In preparation for the Project, the Shuishentang Ecological Restoration Project (the” Sub-Project “) was initiated in May 2021 with a budget of 600 million RMB. Construction has started and is expected to be completed in 4 years.

The sub-project is designed to restore wetlands in the Huliu River Basin in the Shuishentang region. Such ecological restoration efforts include, but are not limited to, the construction of reservoir dikes, roads, landscaping and support facilities. As a result, the Shuishentang Cultural Relics Protection Site will be transformed into a Level 4A Scenic Site, requiring a budget of 80 million RMB under construction and should be completed in 2021 according to the government plan.

Mr. Li Hengfang, Chairman and CEO of ReTo, attended the inauguration ceremony and said, “As a provider of technological solutions for improving the ecological environment, the company actively participates in ecological governance. and rural revitalization of the county, and the project is within our efforts. The project includes four sub-projects, namely the Shuishentang Ecological Restoration Project, the Municipal Utility Facilities Project, the Old Town Reconstruction Project, and the Health and Culture Tourism Real Estate Project. The last three will be implemented one after the other. The realization of these projects will undoubtedly benefit the local society and economy, and bring lasting and substantial benefits to the company. “

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Founded in 1999, ReTo (NASDAQ: RETO), through its proprietary technologies, systems and solutions, strives to bring clean water and fertile soils to communities around the world. The Company offers a full range of products and services, ranging from the production of environmentally friendly building materials, environmental protection equipment and manufacturing equipment used to produce environmentally friendly building materials environment, consultation, design and installation of projects for the improvement of ecological environments, such as ecological restoration of soils through the treatment of solid waste. For more information, please visit:

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