So who are Lunar Distribution and UCS Comic Distributors anyway?

On March 28, DC announced they were exploring “A multi-distributor model” methods for their comics. Although since then various digital methods have been shunned by retailers, DC lifted the curtain today with the intention of starting shipping comics for April 27 through two new distribution partners, Lunar Distribution and UCS Comic. Distributors.

Neither company has a web presence, however, the sleuth has already started. And a little domain check revealed clues to their identity.

As John Jackson Miller first tweeted, UCS – which operates accounts in the eastern part of North America – appears to be Midtown Comics.

Lunar was a little more circumspect and has an anonymous IP record, but his phone number and domain record are in Indiana, which is also home to DCBS, a huge mail-order comic book company.

As Miller mentioned, Midtown Comics has been making both subscriptions and comic book listings for Marvel for quite some time.

I was told early on that Marvel also had “a plan” to deal with stopping the pandemic, but it’s unclear whether they were considering Midtown and DCBS as a Diamond alternative as well. Midtown and DCBS are Diamond’s biggest customers, and they would be able to have enough infrastructure to at least attempt to distribute comic book periodicals. I’ve been told that DC has been considering completing the Diamond cast for some time – and their plan to go with Lunar and UCS confirms that.

Is it just an emergency stopgap for an unprecedented crisis? Or the start of a new business model for the industry? I have been saying for a long time that nothing will come out of this containment / pandemic in the same way. So be prepared.

Literally at the time of writing this post, Newsarama confirmed that Midtown and DCBS run UCS and Lunar, respectively.

Retailers are still absorbing today’s huge news, so reactions will filter through as the days go by. As seen in this Facebook thread initial reactions were NOT HAPPY with DC’s decision, with reactions ranging from “Uh, oh” to “I’m furious”.

Why would stores react so badly to getting a new product from DC? Well, Midtown and DCBS are the big gorillas in the room, and local comic book stores see them as their biggest competition.

However, at least one store was happy:

This story is “In Development” and we really mean it.

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