There were big plans for Otis in WWE, but …

One of the Friday Night Smackdown athletes who certainly had a huge upward trend in 2020, is Heavy Machinery member Otis, the onscreen boyfriend of beautiful Mandy Rose, who after staging a big storyline in Wrestlemania starring Dolph Ziggler, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville even became the new Mr Money in the Bank this year, beating every opponent who covered him in front of the WWE Titan Towers in Stamford.

Apparently, though, the federation’s leadership would have had big plans in store for the big blue show, which would have changed over the past few months to Friday Night Smackdown.

WWE’s original plan for Otis

According to what the famous overseas site Ringside News revealed, the management of the federation initially wanted to separate the two athletes from Heavy Machinery, which they actually did in part, with Otis who should have been detach from Comrade Tucker, to drive his own away. “dreams of glory” as a single.

Apparently, such an idea would have been the brainchild of the usual Vince McMahon, who still sees the possibility of doing great things with Otis in the rings of Smackdown, but who still preferred to abandon the initial plans for the athlete.

According to information from journalists from the famous American site, Otis was even scheduled for a feud with the Smackdown Fiend, Bray Wyatt’s alter ego, with the athlete who before facing Braun Strowman for the Universal title, had to fight Otis. , in an unspecified quarrel.

Ringside News has learned that Otis ‘win in Money In The Bank was “meant to be Otis’ highlight.” They had other projects in store. Then WWE took another direction. The exact wording given to us was, “Otis and the briefcase: who knows? Otis’ victory in Money In The Bank was supposed to “set him up for The Fiend”.

Bray Wyatt has since transferred to a multi-match schedule with Braun Strowman. Regarding Tucker, we were told that his entry into the situation was meant to build towards a “wide angle” down the line. A lot was at stake back then, but it’s unclear what changed.

Vince McMahon’s constant call to rewrite and change his mind makes any prediction impossible. Who knows what happened to Vince McMahon’s mind again to bring about all of these changes? Or what if WWE leadership or Bray Wyatt had issues leading to these plans being canceled?

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